Affiliate Program
Read about our affiliate program in the Middle East for Telemedicine Services
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Telemedicine | Teleconsultation | How It Works

How It Works

Telemedicine Technology and its application is yet not exploited to its maximum potential. Even though many countries in Europe and North America are well-ahead in telemedicine use in daily healthcare provision, Middle East still lags behind implementing the concept to its true sense. Telemed Providers, for the first time in the Middle East, is offering a complete set of telemedicine services and the value chain in remote medicine application.

In all these technology advances and range of healthcare products, we feel sometimes the companies are not putting enough emphasis on the key component of this whole cycle, that is “the patient”. Telemed Providers service cycle mainly revolves around the patient care, more than showcasing the technology solutions itself. Company’s mission goes with its slogan “Medicine without boundaries” hence applying telemedicine services and technology in benefiting the end user, the patient.

Telemed Providers works with individual patients, healthcare providers, consultants, small practices, hospitals and technology vendors together to bring a “total” solution to the telemedicine industry in the Middle East.  To categories the whole subject into two simple headings, we are borrowing the terminology “inbound and outbound” from an outsourcing perspective.  Telemed Providers is offering both “inbound telemedicine” & “outbound telemedicine”.

Inbound Telemedicine Services: Telemed Providers brings senior consultants and medical experts from around the world to provide their expertise to the Middle East region and Middle East patients.

Outbound Telemedicine Services: Telemed Providers is gathering the local medical experts who have done significant achievements in their field and want to go “beyond boundaries” and help patients in other countries inside or outside the Middle East whether through using our state-of-the art teleconsultation setup for remote consulting or providing face to face consultation using our healthcare tourism model.

To read more about how it works for each component of the telemedicine cycle, please continue reading.


If you are a patient and you are seeking either a second opinion to confirm initial findings OR looking for an expert first hand opinion from our reputed consulting physicians from Europe or North America, following are the “how to” steps.

  1. Initial meeting with our local physician to understand your medical history and background.
  2. If you have already done a study and need second opinion, you will need to bring your results with you which we will share with our consultants and you will be informed with the findings and a written report from our consultant within 24-36 hours.
  3. If this is your first hand opinion from our consultant, you will be scheduled for a video-conference with our consultant in one of our telemedicine units near you.
  4. At the time of teleconsultation, our physicians will be available throughout the session to assist global consultant with vital sign measurement, other data findings and / or providing interpretation if the language is a barrier.
  5. You may need to do certain labs or further investigations based on the consultant’s recommendations and schedule another meeting with the results.  If that is not necessary then you will be provided a final written report within 24-36 hours of teleconsultation session with findings, recommendations and further course of medical treatment.


If you are a consultant (whether global or local) and want to be part of our telemedicine team to share your expertise, following is step by step “how to” process:

  1. Send your detailed resume stating your academics and credentialing details, your current job and previous professional history, and areas of expertise.
  2. Our medical board will go through this information and will contact you for further details if needed.
  3. Upon recommendations of our medical board, the board of directors then take final decision on acceptance of your service as our tele-consultant.
  4. Once you are selected, our IT department will need to talk to you (or your IT staff if you have one) to prepare your office/practice for teleconsultation.
  5. Telemed Provider provides its recommendation for the equipment to be used and full assistance in setting up your office as global teleconsultation satellite unit. You may need to purchase high pixel camera, our recommended video-conferencing software, a set of speakers and microphone, video display and optionally a document capturing device. You will also need high bandwidth internet for live video-conferencing.


If you are a hospital and want to add telemedicine function to your services, following is the step by step engagement process:

  1. Upon request of interest, one of our representative will visit your hospital to discuss the scope of work in detail with you (or it can be done over the net if outside Egypt).
  2. A feasibility study will be generated and our recommendations will be put forward for your review.
  3. You will be given a choice whether to be one of our affiliate telemedicine satellite units or to be an independent telemedicine service provider.  In the latter case, you will need to sign up for our “Telemedicine Project Management Services”.  We will provide full consultation, technical recommendation and sourcing for the equipment needed.
  4. For all data transfers, archiving and backups, you can choose between your own Telemedicine server (at the hospital) or lease our Telemedicine server on pay per use basis.
  5. As our affiliate, we will include your portfolio and hospital name in our promotional campaign and will be sending the patients from your region to your telemedicine satellite unit.


If you are a referring physician who need to seek a second opinion on one of his/her clients (patient), or want a peer review of your findings, following is the “how to” guide:

  1. Upon receipt of written request of interest to use our expert opinion services, our sales rep will visit your office with further details of the process.
  2. Based on your judgment of the case, you will need to decide which case you want to get a second opinion for any of your patients.
  3. Upon signing the agreement with you, we will leave our standard requisition form in your office, which you could use to refer any of your patients to our centers for second opinion.
  4. The patient will bring the CD of DICOM images to our center and the data will be sent to our consultant based on the specialty requested.
  5. Within 24-36 hour, the final report will be sent to you with recommendations from our specialist. At that point in time, you may speak directly to our foreign consultant to discuss the findings directly.