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Telemedicine Technology Solutions
Our extensive knowledge of healthcare industry allows us to understand the specific technology needs of the healthcare providers. The in-depth understanding of the healthcare domain has resulted in multitude of high value solutions for our clients.

Telmed Providers offers turn-key technology solutions to help a healthcare entity “go telemed”.

We understand that while providing healthcare services, relying solely on operations excellence has lost its charm and cannot be very promising as the healthcare industry has matured and almost all providers are providing (or claiming to provide) same levels of services. It doesn’t mean that service quality can be excluded as a factor for success but it doesn’t have the capability to compete on its own without strong support from a technology solution to give to the end customer something different, something which can stand out of the competition for you as a unique service provider.

Technology involved in providing telemedicine services can mainly be divided into following categories:

  1. Communication Technology (Transfer of images, data)
  2. Storage & Archiving (PACS)
  3. Patient Information & Document Management (EMR/RIS/HIS)
  4. Reporting System (Dictation & Transcription Management, Voice/Speech Recognition)
  5. Onsite Telemedicine Equipment


Telemed Providers collaborated with industry leaders to provide the above mentioned technology solutions to a range of healthcare organizations. Whether you are a small practice, a group of physicians/radiologists, small hospital or a large healthcare provider, our technology solutions is tailored to best fit the needs of each group based on the requirements and budget.

To provide your end customer (the patient) with highly competitive price, the solution needs to promise cost reduction, low investment, more visibility and instant access to healthcare information. Therefore, two (service quality & technology) combined together have to present significant competitive advantage to be successful in providing services to the healthcare industry. Most of the currently available solutions in the market pose a heavy investment into the solution as well as infrastructure and maintenance. Also, most solutions have proprietary interfaces to deal with external systems making it less convenient to integrate with other systems or to migrate from existing electronic/manual working environment. Most solutions target only few operations, mostly to address the healthcare outsourcing requirements. This requires working with more than one system to carry out activities in a hospital/clinic.

However, the modern trend for selling a healthcare technology solution is through an online system that imposes no infrastructure cost and low setup costs with upgrades available on periodic basis, enough to handle the growing requirements. From the solution provider perspective, the technology available to implement the solution is getting cheaper and much faster to implement, with improved features built-in, shrinking cost, time and risk.

Success of a technology solution largely depends on:

  1. How well the requirements are met
  2. How user friendly the system is
  3. Performance and uptime
  4. Security
  5. Easy to migrate
  6. Cost & Time savings.

Thanks to the technology that is available today, it is much easier to customize the solutions to user requirements in a very short time and not only that, users of the system can now customize the interfaces to their own requirements. Other features like security and communication standards within healthcare systems have made it a lot easier to develop collaborative solutions.

This is where Telemed Providers brings in its decades of experience and expertise and offers an integrated platform with integrated back-office services that is low cost and can provide one-stop solution for healthcare providers promising both cost reduction, efficiency of the overall process as well as instant and real-time access to healthcare information.

Our Solution is based on the idea to provide cutting-edge technology on pay per use model (subscription) with very low setup costs. Practices will be able to easily migrate to the new system with the possibility to use the existing information asset through either integration or porting it to the new system. The catch is easy-in and easy-out for practices in case they find the service not up-to the mark, compared to the requirements.

The solution is largely web-based taking exposing import and export interfaces (as per the healthcare standards) and might also have a set of desktop applications/utilities for the purpose of convenience. However, should there be a requirement to have a local Telemedicine Services Server inside the vicinity of a hospital for regulatory, or security reasons, Telemed Provides offers on-site stand-alone technology solutions on very competitive prices based on our open source standards solutions.

Following is list of few of the advantages of utilizing our telemedicine technology solutions for your healthcare organization:

  • No change to work habits.
  • Online and real-time access to healthcare information
  • Lower costs for back-office services
  • Integrated solution providing all the information through a single interface
  • Lower/No Setup charges
  • Online support