Industry Leaders to Join 3rd OHS Forum in Kuwait

Industry Leaders to Join 3rd OHS Forum in Kuwait

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Radiology Transcription Services

"Telemed Providers" is proud to offer its Radiology Transcription Services to radiologists, teleradiology companies, medical facilities and hospitals. Our company has been working with radiologists for a long time and we fully understand the importance of radiology reports. Our seasoned radiology transcriptionists have extensive experience in typing radiology transcription reports accurately and quickly.

In addition to typing for our own radiologists, we have been providing radiology transcription services to many other teleradiology companies in the UK and United States. Our experienced staff, quality of output and competitive rates as well as the fact that we specialize in radiology transcription, makes us an ideal choice for radiology transcription needs by many radiologists and radiology departments in the United States as well as in the Middle East and North Africa.

Why are we specialized in Radiology Transcription?

  • With an extended experience of over 10 years of dealing with Radiology groups and Teleradiology companies, radiology transcription has become our passion. We can assure you that we deeply understand the needs of your radiologists and the patients when it comes to radiology transcription.
  • For radiology as a specialty, report is the final product of the service. It's accuracy, clearness and sharpness as well as fast availability helps the referring physicians to build their clinical decision on solid grounds, so it directly affects the patient wellness, which is the main objective of TMP where patient comes first.
  • Our radiology transcription training system uses unique medical terminology and radiological anatomy expressions to describe anatomical regions, lesions and imaging sequences.
  • TAT in radiology environment is critical and the ability to provide a 99% accurate report in a very short time (30 - 60 minutes for STAT) is a challenge that has been managed and overcome in Telemed Providers till it became our philosophy and culture.

How we do Radiology Transcription?

  • Telemed Providers transcription team is managed by physicians who have extended experience in radiology transcription. Our transcription managers are CMT and members of the AHDI (Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity).
  • Our transcription team members have medical background and received extensive training mastering the medical terminology, radiological anatomy, basic radiological modalities and imaging sequences, and English grammar and style.
  • Our vision is to raise the bar of transcription quality to meet and be part of the QA process of the healthcare service provided by our clients. We employ our high level of experience and professionalism to provide our clients with the best radiology transcription service ever.
  • Our team has extended experience in dealing with multiple RIS Systems so we can easily start on your RIS as we are very familiar with the radiology information system protocols and workflow.
  • We are also familiar with voice recognition editing and QA and can deal easily with VR dictated reports.

Ask about our Free Trial offer to see how different our service is regarding quality and TAT. Click here for a sales inquiry.

Read our value proposition for your ROI (Return on Investment) by outsourcing your radiology transcription to us. Click here

What Is Medical Transcription
Medical Transcription is an allied health profession dealing with converting voice-recorded healthcare data dictated by the physicians and/or other healthcare professionals to typed reports. The dictated data could be an examination report including H&P, post-procedure report including surgery or interventional procedure, or radiology report.

The Medical Transcriptionist must have multiple skills including medical terminology knowledge, physiology, anatomy, pharmacology and pathology knowledge, and also excellent command of English language and solid grammar and spelling skills. Medical transcriptionist should also have excellent listening skills and should be able to type reports of different specialties including H&P, internal medicine subspecialty reports, surgery subspecialty reports, and radiology reports.

Medical Transcription plays a critical role in the healthcare service process and its importance comes from the importance of keeping the health care records of the patients accurate and easily accessible. High quality and accuracy are to be taken extremely seriously when dealing with patients' health records, and that's exactly what we believe in Telemed Providers.

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