Affiliate Program
Read about our affiliate program in the Middle East for Telemedicine Services
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Home Value Proposition
Value Proposition

Against an in-house staff of transcriptionists, our value proposition is even better as you are carrying not just the base compensation for such transcriptionists, but also overhead as it relates to payroll taxes, building rent, utilities, equipment, etc. For a comparison of typical in-house transcriptionist’ cost against Telemed Providers, please see the chart below:

Estimated Cost Saving Scenario – In-House vs. Telemed Providers

(Fixed Cost)
Telemed Providers (Usage-based Cost) Savings
Payroll (Fixed Cost) $40,000 $0
Benefits/Overhead (Fixed Cost) $6000 $0
Transcripts / Transcriptionist / Day 25 35
Cost Per Line $0.18 $0.12 $0.06
Cost Per 40 Lines Transcript $7.36 $4.80 $2.56
Savings 32% $2.26/Transcript

Against In-house transcriptionists:

  • Telemed Providers can approximately save you $64 per day on volume of 25 transcripts per day, per physician.
  • With 250 working days in a year, Telemed Providers can save you approximately $16,000 per year, per physician.