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Why Use Telemedicine?

The question is often asked by the patients why we promote telemedicine and is there real need for that? Our answer is very simple, YES there is a need and there are lots of patients out there who can not get clinical consultation and decision making due to unavailability of doctors, lack of communication infrastructure or not-fit for travel. Following are the few major reasons we advocate telemedicine use in medicine.

Shortage of General Practitioners

Many of the healthcare facilities in rural and remote areas do not have qualified staff, a physician, and they are mainly depending on a nurse practitioner or paramedical staff who cannot take a life changing decision when it comes to critical findings.

Shortage of Medical Specialists

Sometimes you need to refer to a specialty or a subspecialty to get an expert opinion. Even in the metropolitan areas, you may not have enough available specialists who could cater the needs of all patients in their area. The case is more severe when you go away from urban areas, where you don’t have access to specialists at all.  All such conditions warrant implementation of telemedicine strategies and network to support such patients who need expert opinion.

No Access to Current Information

Sometimes a doctor / specialist himself needs to discuss his findings with someone who has more fresh and recent knowledge or in case of rare conditions.  In most of the Middle East countries, physicians still do not have access to fresh knowledge due to lack of up-to-date medical libraries, or Continued Medical Education (CME) system.  This makes its easier for a doctor to get an expert opinion from his peers and share the case of his patient without having the need to travel.

Limited Transportation

Infrastructure in developing countries is still not serving the whole community.  It could cost lot of hassle, travelling, accommodation and other expenses for a patient to come to metropolitan city to get himself checked up or get a consultation. Sometimes the infrastructure and transportation is so bad that many patients in serious cases can not make it to a nearby city even. Such situation can be solved easily utilizing technology advances in medicine and information communication and by implementing telemedicine services which Telemed Providers offers currently.